FMP - Arts Emergency

What: Creative Hub | Where: Mark Addy, Manchester | When: May 2019

We live in a society that is gradually growing. In a society that everything is set when starting from nursery to college and some sort of a Higher Education, so we can have better jobs and life. Society where the best paid jobs are link to courses such as medicine, finance, marketing and others.

Arts Emergency, a charity that helps young people from age 16 to 25. Through the Mentoring scheme they offer students that are 16 to have the opportunity to have a mentor from the industry to show them and speak to them about what the student is interested in.

The aim is to create a Creative Hub for Arts Emergency in Manchester, to have a space for them and the students interested in the North.  



What: Retail Brief | Where: Manchester | When: May 2019

'Thank you CO-OP', centres upon the rethinking of the Co-op convenience store. The project ties in with the Retail Design Awards 2019, as part of the Retail Design Expo. 

The brief was to deliver a defined service area (zone) for three different sizes of stores with different types of customer missions and demographics. 

When thinking about the brief, I had a lot of ideas and concepts, but I went with the idea of creating a networking space that is used by the members of co-op and the charities that the they are supporting, when they can hold the charity events in store so more people can see it and support it.


UNIT X - Oubliette

What: Escape Room | Where: Manchester | When: May 2018

A co - design brief to design a maths experience for primary school children in conjunction with students from Ed Lab (MMU) and designer Joe Hartley

(Oh OK Ltd.) 


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