Coronavirus for conspiracy. Is Covid-19 conspiracy to corrupt public morals?

Where it has originated?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) was believed to have started in Wuhan, China in the “wet market”, where they sold both dead and live animals. The virus started spreading across the globe and other countries than China has the virus now. The virus it’s just like a cold with symptoms including fever, dry cough, tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell. Having the virus with the same symptoms like a normal flew, it affects all businesses including the events industry, when events would start being cancel. On the world maps you can see the different cases of affected, deaths and recoveries.

As you can see on the maps, the cases of deaths are not as many as the other two, however the cases of recoveries are becoming more, which is a positive outcome of the treatments they are using to prevent it so it does not affect the economy.

Conspiracy to corrupt

However, as the cases still growing and the virus spreading, everyone is asking one question; is it conspiracy to corrupt the public morals or is it just a normal virus that spreads around. As the spreading grows fast, there are conspiracy theories behind it. As stated in an article in the conversation by Angelina Bambina “coronavirus is actually a bio-weapon engineered by the CIA as a way to wage war on China” and another one is “that the UK and US governments introduced the coronavirus as a way to make money from a potential vaccine”. Are these conspiracy true or is it just something that people believe in?

Although, these are only theories, the belief of evil powers pursuing a plan is widely believed in every society. People who believe in these theories, may not be careful of the virus and be less likely to follow health advice. People were peddling the theory on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram saying it was conspiracy, but Russia denied being part of it.

Over the few months, more than 2,000 people have died and over 76,000 have been confirmed to have the virus. If people continue to think it is conspiracy, it is likely the virus would spread further, which will affect the economy and business like the events industry when events and conferences have been postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19.

Is it affecting the events industry?

The coronavirus or Covid-19, has affected countries like China (where it originated from), United States, United Kingdom, Italy and all the way through the Middle East, where conferences takes place.

How does this spread of the virus affects events and what happens to them?