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Find out what you're like and what you could do... (quiz)

Today I did the quiz and I end up being a Barn owl!


"I'll work it out myself."

Looking at the facts I found out that 1% of the UK population are Barn owls. I did the quiz because I wanted to see if its right and what animal I was due to the things they ask.

Moving on... Barn owls are symbols of intelligence, determination and wisdom. A barn owl hunts quietly over grassland looking for small animals; seemingly flying high, thinking big ideas quietly while paying attention to the small details to solve problems and develop plans.

Barn owl strengths

Patient and methodical, Barn owls are great with complicated situations and working on things for a long time. They are natural planners and imaginative problems solvers that are often good at being careful with facts. They are keen to research and gain knowledge on subjects in detail, often becoming an expert in the things that they learn.

As young people

At their best, they're clever, creative visionaries with the determination to achieve their goals, which means they may be considered distant, private and argumentative.

As a friend

They're usually quite independent but can appear tougher than they really are. They often like to share their passions, ideas and beliefs.

As a boss

Visionary, direct and organised. Detailed planners. Strategic and challenging. Like to stretch themselves and their team members. Tend to like and offer independence to their team members but will expect success in return.

Barn owl work